From Our Executive Team

A Letter from Executive Team

At PLH, we are constantly striving to remain one of the top sauna manufactures in the world, producing quality products for every business and home. We understand that you want the best care possible for yourself. Therefore PLH is committed to applying skill and global resource to improve the well-being into one’s life. Our goal is to ensure that people everywhere have access to safe and effective designs by developing a strong portfolio of products that support health and wellness.

For more than 35 years, PLH has been organizing many ways to reduce the impact our company has on the environment. We feel a responsibility to focus on manufacturing safe products with a belief that no product should be hazardous to your health. Because our designs are made of the best lumber from around the world, we have a strong acceptance of our role in environmental responsibility. We have come a long way in developing new ways to conserve resources and we are proud to say that not even a splinter is left unused.

When I look at PLH and its reaches across the globe, it makes me proud to see such diversity. With our international reputation, our personnel are constantly learning and collaborating with different areas of culture, strength and wisdom. 35 years later and PLH has always been on top with the cutting-edge technology and our worldwide knowledge and innovations. I feel this accomplishment would have never been met without the diversity and unity that PLH has attained.
At PLH, our mission is to pursue a synergy of health, wellness, and nature.


PLH Products Staff