Contract Manufacturing & OEM

Our manufacturing factories in China are made up of PCS INC, which specializes in processing wood and lumber materials, and PCS LTD, which manufactures infrared home saunas and wellness thermal therapy units. A large number of the world's finest infrared sauna brands are manufactured by PLH Products, inc. Companies recognize our high-quality resources and superior manufacturing facilities, which enables us to offer many OEM products to companies worldwide.


The original source of our competitiveness comes from our ability to develop and design new products with beneficial and exciting features. Since the beginning, we’ve never stopped working on developing new products. Currently, we are developing many innovative products, such as Lower Body Thermal Therapy units with Reclining Chair, Digital Health Sauna, Salt Rock Sauna, Aroma Oil Foot Warmer, etc. We also intend to continue to protect our intellectual properties by applying and registering our ideas and patents whenever possible.


Currently there are 3 design specialists and 4 electrical and hardware engineers who devote themselves to develop many new and exciting products. PLH plans to double the size of both R&D personnel and facility so that we can react much quickly to new ideas and also so that we can conduct more thorough inspection. Currently, besides costly inspection and verification from external agencies, we already conduct an in-house inspection and testing to make sure of the highest quality of our products.